Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lock or Freeze???

I just got back from home. Need I elucidate on my state of mind any more???

Glued (once again) onto the 17” before me I browse through the innumerable news channels sprawling the Net…and Voila!!!I’m duly educated on the achievements of a certain Ms. Shetty, on the pre/post nuptials plans of the “Marriage of the year” (Madame Hurley kindly excuse…Bachhan-Rai rock u see!!), on Badshah’s utmost attempt to “copy” the Shahenshah…..on almost everything that actually wouldn’t make a trifling difference in my life!!!

And as someone (I don’t really care who) rightly put it…even the most ignorant person has the right to opine…so here I go!!...after all it’s my blog and I never did claim to be “different”. Did I???

Over the last 2 weeks, whenever I happened to be at home and doing nothing, I’d fix those myopic eyes of mine to the “idiot box”…Now all I could find on TV were “reality shows” (Ah!!What a misnomer)…Roadies4 boasted of a herd of unruly youngsters speaking more beeped words than normal …A cinestars’ hunt contest having more tears than TRPs….and of course Bigg Boss completing the training which Saas-bahu sagas miss out on(of quarrelling tactics of course!!)

So SRK was a welcome change…I did like the guy during my adolescent years…though not his monotony any more…He exudes some charm/charisma whatever you call it. I would have liked his presentation any day…had I like lacs of others not compared him to AB!!! He’s definitely not bad…if not superlative…a bit of over enthusiasm to reach to the masses may be….but definitely can’t be written off…At least 9-10 henceforth would be something I’d look forward to….Now “freeze that”!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Flying good times!!!

I just came across this article today which rather got me thinking….
As the caption read “Flying isn’t fun any more”…Well, I couldn’t really agree more!!!

Gone are those days of glory in Indian aviation where “flying” would be preserved for the “privileged” few….when I would rather boastfully mention to my school friends that I “flew” to Calcutta(wasn’t Kolkata then, you see)…when the air hostesses would give airs to being second only to Bollywood “Queens”.....

Today flying is just a click away…Long live Indian economy!!! But in an attempt to make the experience accessible to common man, flying really isn’t very different to a travel by train any more…probably by first class(or sometimes even less)….Low cost airlines flaunt their cost-cutting strategies rather proudly….less cabin/ground crew, omission of catering services in-flight(Ah! How I miss those yummy croissants!!), runway optimization….there’s the cost-cutting bug everywhere……

I do remember this particular incident where our flight from Guwahati to Calcutta had been delayed by 2 hours and it really had hit the headlines the next morning….Big thing it was then indeed…when delays in flight departure was absolutely unheard of…any delay would be stuffed with compensations (in form of “refreshments”, added “smiles” from gorgeous airhostesses, and what not….)….And today a couple of hours do not really matter…After all they’re getting you to your destination in lesser time than those step-sibling of theirs down on those sleepers. Aren’t they???

And this free seating affair has indeed added to our miseries…No-one really bothers about etiquette when they have to get a FCFS seat…to hell with pregnant women or wailing babies or tired senior citizens….They don’t really care!!!

When the fa├žade of a happy citizen raving about her nation’s economic progress wears off… deep down somewhere I do wish to re-live those moments of savored “air travel”…Borrowing the punch line from one of the less “low –cost airline”s, may I confess - I don’t really mind “flying good times”…:) once again…..

P.S. : This post has not been sponsored by any agency/company/organisation.The views expressed are purely the author's!!!