Thursday, August 11, 2011

And yet.....

When thoughts shroud in narrow walls of emotions
When rationale traps in hearts dark n blue
When feelings refuse to bloom out in daylight
Its then when dusk sets its hue.....

You mean the world to me
But world meant world to you
You became my cause to be
And I remained someone for you.....

And yet when I think of you my lips purse in smile
And yet when it rains,you touch me deep within
And yet when sun rises I tend to feel your warmth
And yet when I feel beautiful,I know its you looking!

Monday, July 12, 2010


A lot has been happening my life and around that it....

For the nth time I shall not apologise for not being regular in the blogosphere...let me just face it...I cannot be regular here any more..the knack's just gone! But yes , I am going to ramble around here whenver I feel like sharing some thoughts ...

Like today...

I wondered this morning (beautiful weather by the way!) what is it that keeps us going....i am a lot less excited with life than what I used to be...and yet a lot more than what my mum currently is....age? life norms ? boredom?
This life has its own charm...its own uniqueness...and I appreciate it all....

What's going on in my mind now? --- why do good things not always happen to good people?....why do some people meet with such fatal accidents and yet what peace? why will so many odd people I know, do , now that Spain's won it?!

I am rambling utter gibberish...I need to stop...
Till next time.....

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Moments pass by...lurking through pastures of the mind
Memories speed by...embossing traces forever...

The room's mind wanders
Cuddling into myself I delve deeper...

If the world were lonesome and existence futile
If ties were bland or emotions hollow

What would I be..what would anyone be...
What would this world be..what would be humanity!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life's like that!

A friend suggested that I post something about hard-yearned monsoons on my blog.That kinda made me realise the truth in this axiom I had heard long back ( I might not be accurate when I quote it)

"Thank God there's "the" weather...otherwise at least 70% people in the world would not have anything to talk about"

Very true - I'd say! How many times have you met a stranger and not known how to start a conversation or met a long lost friend only to realise weather's the only common topic apt for the moment? I am usually a comfortable conversationalist - with people I rarely know and people who're close to me alike.But then I wouldn't deny the wonders "weather" has done for starters!

Now that I have "started" the post with this weather talk - let me pen down my current chain of thoughts! I have been wondering on futility of showbiz , on age and on women's obsession with shopping! Reasons? Well,here goes.....

I am still not out of the shock of MJ's demise - with so many rumours about his life and death.....I still hope that someday he moonwalks before the public eyeto reveal a publicity "stunt"! I know I'm being a fool - but who cares!What is the use of being so famous , the greatest showman and yet have such a meaningless and hollow existence?

I was out with family last weekend and met quite a few people after several years! I was amazed at how they have changed - lookwise ! Realised that age doesn't spare anyone - no wonder everyone yearns for the "Philosopher's stone".

Shopping!!!! Any number of exclamation marks would fall short of how amazed I am.I confess I am unlike most women in this respect.I hate the rush and the claustrophobia of shopping.My friend pulled me to this "Sale" yesterday and I tell you - I have never been so irritated. Trial rooms were a comfortable waiting time of half hour!How much do people buy and in such poor times!
Oh and remarkable observation here - the men's trial rooms were empty as ever! Hence proved!

Well that's all for tonite. I should hopefully be back with more ideas and their fertile manifestations sooner than I got back this time :)

Till then - ADIOS!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A short ride back in time...

It was morning time yesterday – clouds and sun played hide and seek as it usually does this time of the year at my side of the planet…. I was in a hurry as usual, heading towards the bus stop – on my way to work…. I usually love such weather but this seemed an unusually un-romantic day to me….thanks to the numerous thoughts that have been keeping me pre occupied over the past few days..

I would not have noticed anything on my way, given a chance … I was unreasonably late……when suddenly I glanced upon this small child …. Aged at most six, wearing a well pleated school uniform, hair tied up in neat ponytails, a perpetual smile on her face….but what caught my attention was her tiny finger clutching onto her father’s index finger…..what complete submission…what sense of absolute security …. What a rocking life!

Tracing down my memory lanes…..I could not help remember my days in montessori….the pleasure that filled my heart when daddy picked my school bag and the only load I had was a tiny water bottle…I still remember how much I jabbered when he and I walked past avenues…I still remember the beautiful smell of freshly baked bread from the bakery on the way....I still remember the games we'd play at "tiffin-break"!

Why on earth do we grow up! Why do we have to mature and start understanding the complications in life! Why do we have to make decisions and regret/ revel in their aftermath?

I wish I remained a child at heart for ever – unscathed by the perturbations of the world , untarnished by the darkness that accompanies adulthood…..I wish I could “return to innocence”………..

Friday, July 03, 2009


I have been feeling very sad of late....and for a cause that's mourned millions of people over the world.....

Death has never felt so bitter....for someone I've never met...for someone who didn't even know I existed...

I watched his recorded interviews,heard his songs many many times over...since June25th...the minimum I can do for a the true essence of the word!I don't care what the allegations or rumours were...that seriously is none of my concern(or of most people who spread them)...but I sincerely salute his musical genius!

There never was any star of this magnitude...which even the cynics least posthumously!

There would be no one to "Rock with" us anymore,no one to "Beat it!".....and yet I'm going to go by his once-so-famous lyrics...."Don't stop till you get enough"!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

To my fairy!

"It is never death because they live in your heart forever."

She was forever my friend for life!My childhood transcended into youth in her dreams were born with her....they evolved into their chrysalis with her touch..Her stories made my eyes grow wider and my fantasies soar higher....

I know she loved me the most ,though she never spoke it aloud....she never did...she never expressed herself in words...She was like my deepest feeling which is subtle but is very special....the void of which drains the vitality out of you...such was her presence.

No one's going to whisper sweet bedtime stories to me any one's going to dream about my future as she one's going to pray for me silently and lovingly as did my grandmother....I miss you didu!

You're going to be a part of my life whatever I do or say,you'll be with me...guiding me and taking me through the terrains forever....
I love you....May you find peace...