Thursday, June 29, 2006

call this a prelude...if you may

Okay so here i am.....they say too much of thinking isn't good for health...I relent to that thought...end my dilemma and hereby enter the blogosphere.

So far my encounter with blogging has been restricted to posting comments for my friends..and thats where the idea of writing my own blog cropped up...somehow i hated the thought of signing up as "anonymous" every time.:)

By convention I am required to introduce myself(somehow seems highly analogous to one's entry to the world).Well I am all of 23(I strictly do not believe that women shouldn't be asked their age...Why not??) working (as every second person is)in the so-called Outsourcing industry that predominates Bangalore. A Bengali(don't dare say Bong;)) by birth, an engineer (work for Toshiba,to be precise)by profession and a blogger by choice.That's me ....And trust me there's lots more to that.

So if you're sure you are fine with the first 3 paragraphs and actually (???%%$$@@#???) want to delve further more into my blog...may i continue??!!!

A cliche , as it may seem , I'd like to tell the tale of how my blog came to be known as "Sentience".I was chatting with a friend of mine..and simultaneously thinking as to what i should call this space of mine..and "eureka"(come to think of it,eureka itself is a decent name..wat say??) I got "sentience".I hate to quote the dictionary..but didn't have better words to describe it - The faculty through which the external world is apprehended..thats sentience for me.I intend to make this space a faculty through which I can express myself to the world.And if you do not mind trowelling more into all that check out for this space..