Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shubho Sharodiya ......

Its Shoshthi today!!!For those who didn’t get it – It’s the day that marks the beginning of the most awaited festival for us Bengalis – Durga Pujo…..

I am sitting here 3000 kilometers (not to scale ;)) away from home slogging with this Mp3 Decoder codec and behaving as though nothing’s special about the day…..but deep down my heart the Bengali in me is desperate to break away from the monotony! I do not mean to be a regionalist here….I definitely am not. But these are few moments where you miss home a bit too much…..

Durga Pujo is more to us (us includes everyone who’s tasted the fervor of those crazy 5 days at Kolkata) than a mere festival….Its an expression of our joys, fashion , mirth and a panorama of emotions which would probably have been latent otherwise. No wonder one tends to rush home every Pujo despite all other engagements. No wonder people dress up in their possible best to match up to the most gorgeously decorated city and its people. No wonder pandal hopping breaks all regular limitations of perm-time. No wonder there’s a different atmosphere of dhuno, khichuri, onjoli and dhhak in the air (spellings have been kept as close to the Bengali accent as possible). No wonder the “coolest” of us shrug off our image of a cosmopolitan and secretly shed a tear or two missing home.

That is the essence of Pujo – a feeling which perhaps no one would ever gauge or understand. And perhaps that is where we are compelled to go back to our roots – to feel the fragrance of “shiuli phool”, the beauty of “shorot kaal”, the breeze of “kaash phool”. …And that is where Durga Pujo attains the grandeur it so deservedly has been labeled with over the years….

Here’s wishing the world a lovely pujo and a beautiful year ahead... “Shubho Sharodiya” :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Cupid's touch!!!

Its been quite sometime that I posted here.....blame it on my project release or lack of interesting events in my life....Now don't get me wrong...there is still absolutely nothing "interesting" in my life..There's just this funny observation which dawned onto me a couple of days back..

Cut to September,2001.This friend of mine I'm going to write about next got introduced to me.The second thing she asks me is "Are you a NON veggie?"(after of course my name)....the response obviously elated her!!!

Now its September2006...the same old us...and she goes like " you know I don't like non veg much na".....and why so.....because madame is "committed" to someone who believes in being herbivorous!!!!

My intention is not to comment on which is better......that's totally beyond my concern...All I am interested is what "going around" can do to you...Not that I haven't met people who've radically changed after this turn of fate....yet everytime this thing intrigues me more so...Perhaps one spends ten times of his(definitely not the lady;)..lucky us!!!) salary/pocket money on phone bills, on restaurant bills , on petrol expenses....and yet never seems to mind that..Perhaps one keeps scribbling sweet nothings on practically any piece of paper around or keep staring at a particular photograph....and yet never seems to tire out of it!!!

I confess...I do not understand the logic...elucidations are welcome!!!!:)