Friday, August 31, 2007

An ode to the Potter fan in me......

I know I have been shamefully laid-back about blogging over the last few days…..but that’s because there’s been a lot of new things happening in my life….

Awrite…I do not plan to bore you busy bloggers with tales of a 24 year old’s life. But as usual, I’d like to share my thoughts….

I’m reading (actually I’m going to complete it today, I know , that’s slow….) Harry Potter (7)…..And the avid Potter fan that I am, I keep pondering over it for quite sometime during the day…..

At the risk of being a spoiler (I assume most, interested to read, have already read it), I think I expected a lot more from this book than what it gave me. There were answers to all questions alright. But the unpredictability was somehow lost. Blame it on the (unnecessary, I daresay) hype surrounding its release or my over-estimation, I confess that this book has not lived up to my excitement.

I have always vehemently opposed Potter cynics when they said it was just another over-hyped story book. I stick by that even today. Its not!!! It is undoubtedly a well framed creation by a lady who knows exactly how to touch the chord of one and all…..But there’s absolutely no denying that Madame Rowling has tried to mix elements from (fairy) tales all over the world….and has been somewhat successful in that ,may I add….I feel, however, the essence and innocence of the initial few books has been progressively diminishing….

I am enjoying every bit of the book…..but somewhere deep down it has failed to satiate what I was looking forward to….I know that’s absolutely abstract….but that’s how it is….

For the heck of being with “the boy who lived” till the very end (I doubt that very much though)….go get yourself a copy!!!