Monday, October 16, 2006

Time...what's that???

Now I just have to blog about this..Its about an incident that happened with a friend of mine ….just last Saturday…..

He was to go Kolkata by our esteemed Jet airways….one of the few flight services which guarantee on-time flights…Now taken by his absolute indifference to Mr Peter Henlien’s invention( this is a bit of trivia…for all who arrived late….this guy invented a watch:))…I was kinda sure he would probably miss his flight…

But I guess God had different intentions… strangely enough he managed to start for the airport well on time... and then comes the highlight of the day…..thanks to the traffic jam of “namma bengalooroo” (read: our Bangalore) he reaches the airport at 6.15pm for a 6.20 pm flight….Obviously to face rejection by the guards at the airport who stand tall, oblivious to the traffic some 100 yards away…

My concern here is not about him missing the flight(which by the way he managed to catch)….I’d like to rather contemplate on the disastrous state of traffic in Bangalore…in fact hailing from a city like Kolkata I should know better… But it really is high time we give it a thought…..

I don't want my blog to have sermonizing overtones...All I mean is that it’s a basic thing one can do….stick to the traffic rules…so that amateur drivers like me can at least hope to sit at the steering sometime….Else it might just become a norm to be late at every occasion…. Do give it a thought people:)