Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Memoirs of an MITan

I have been a tremendously irregular blogger over the past few months….and this time there is no one else to blame….

But a thought crossed my mind the other day…..and voila!! I found myself craving to blog again….

Its been almost three years since we passed out of college….(Oh yes!! I feel old all over again….) The use of plural here is deliberate. I’m talking about my gang of friends….. Life moves on…..and “we” have moved on too….

Deeps is happily married ….. Whosoever knew she’s go in for arranged marriage. Well, she now has an investment banker to boast of and an incredibly bright academic career ahead. She’s probably long past our college days……But I’d like to thank her for waiting relentlessly with a car when we bored her with our make up comments – for making noodles for me when I needed it the most – for running up and down the corridor to watch a particular song on TV on my request ( I understand the readers wouldn’t make anything out of this jabber … but this was a so to say “tribute” to Deeps alone)

SRC is studying / working (well I have frankly never understood what this woman is ever upto) ….. She’s a Boston girl now. I’d however like to remember her as a curly haired teddy ( I know you’re on the verge of killing me now SRC!!! Achtung!!) (in)famous for her gurgling walk down the hostel corridor… I would probably never understand a lot of things that she did….and perhaps that’s what makes her so special…You could talk to her after a decade and still never feel the gap…… A woman of substance---almost literally!

Manavi , too is a working lady now….pretty and lovable as ever….someone who was a delight to meet from day one….and who always shall be…. I’ll treasure her forever…

Aishu’s someone I’d always thank Manipal for….I’m glad I found a friend in her… She’s moved on in life in all possible perspectives….but I know she’s always going to be within my reach….whenever I need a friend….She’s like a recurring thing that keeps reminding you of its presence at almost every moment of your life…She’s impacted me in ways she or I would probably never know…..and for all that…Thanks would never be enough….. Love you Aishu!!

There’s a string of people I’d like to mention as I reminisce my hostel days….days of hanging out at those small eateries around college….days of burning the midnight oil (awrite...Electricity) for those EM assignments….days of chatting all night long on an issue so trivial that even short term memory refuses to store them….. But time’s the culprit…I got to stop….and as I stop I can’t help smiling to myself…. Boy!!! What fun days those were…..