Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ne plus ultra....

I remember listening this particular song as a child…a typical Bollywood-ishtyle children song…in which they wish to make the world as per their will…and eradicate everything else….I realize the relevance of the song today…

I know I might sound to some as a rather “out of mind” case…but I believe there does exist something like “Utopia”...so what if only it is in one’s mind…Anything where things happen as per one’s own will…where there are no restrictions/conflicts…where every person is “normal” (that’s when every person thinks like oneself)…is almost close to “Utopia”…

And yet…I would love to stay in a world that’s imperfect….in a world that’s full of people who aren’t “my type”…in a world where I have to strive to get what I want….probably that’s what keeps us all going….Perfection’s rather boring!!!

Life’s probably all about rejoicing these un-expected moments of mirth amidst tragic strifes...about smiling when you hear your favourite number during brain-hammering sessions of work….about seeing mom get you coffee to relax when your computer has crashed down…….about getting an unexpected call from your long-lost friend when your boss has just screamed at you….Ah now!!!That’s Utopia to me….

Monday, December 11, 2006

Wo(e)men---did they say???

One point of time my friends used to call me a feminist….and I would oblige them with yet more reasons to say so…..

True, I am absolutely proud to belong to the “fairer sex”...True I advocate equal rights for women…True , I believe those discriminating on the basis of sexism are worse than those practicing apartheid. And yet its also true that I feel sometime we tend to overdo it!!!

I have never supported the 33% reservation policy. I know there would be quite a few eyebrows raised when I say this…But I genuinely believe one either has the potential to make a place for oneself….or doesn’t. There’s no midway to success!!You would definitely make it big if you have the caliber-no matter what your caste, colour, creed or gender is!!So why “reserve” place for women….It, according to me, does not advocate equality for women…it attempts at elevating their social status (and ultimately lands up degrading us!!!)as compared to men. Why can’t we be just equals??

Today this feeling got further flared as I read the following link:

Why should we have an all-women book fair? Why segregate events / talent on the basis of gender? There never has been an all-men book fair…has it???Then why is the society so proud of hosting an all-women event??

When would we start living in the 21st century??...not only per se chronology but also in our maturity level???