Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Home again....

Finally I’m posting after a hiatus….finally its raining like crazy here…finally I am home.

Today I do not have any string of thought or any opinion to express….Today it’s just a feeling I’d like to share….

I have been away from home for about 6 years now…almost felt like a guest in my own house…with delicacies being prepared every time I came, with tasks being listed down for every moment that I stayed, with relatives complaining my lack of social interaction during the few days that I graced my presence at home. Being at home was almost synonymous to holidays for me…..and somewhere deep down that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to be at home- literally and beyond.

So today that I am here….. (Touchwood) but I’m loving it. Screaming roadies, honking buses, water-logged streets, and humidity – no one in their right state of mind would call this bliss. But I do. I do because this is where I want to be….this is where I need to be…and this is where I have to be.

I doubt if I’m making much sense to readers…Pardon me for this abstract piece of writing…but as I said my “Sentience” shall only reflect my state of mind….and this is exactly how it is.

Yes, I am home.