Thursday, November 30, 2006

Would they or would they not???

Is Abhishek Bachhan marrying Aishwarya Rai????Are they already married???Did they go to Varanasi for any nuptial rite????

Will someone tell me what difference it would make to any of our lives? The answer’s more of than obvious….And yet every gossip is paid heed to…Each fallacy committed by the couple scrutinized and comb-searched for some hope (-lessness)...Each photograph of them smiling/hugging/cheering/smirking/frowning gaining popularity by the day…Each expression on their (and of course their parents’) faces inspected with absolute curiosity.

These celebrities claim to be tired of this “un”wanted paparazzi torture….I beg to differ…If they really are tired why would they go to a public place to attract attention? Why would they publicize the gala time they had during their recent holiday!!!???

We, the commoners claim we are exhausted of yellow journalism…of sensationalized news items…of every news being forced to be an item! Again here lies the catch …If we really were how would the sales of these film magazines and gossip newsletters soar sky-high…??

The fact is – it’s a symbiotic relationship….Neither our curiosity nor their vanity would be satisfied without each criticizing the other. And hence the apprehensions continue….
We shall soon be revelling in the gaiety as the country’s most eligible bachelor weds the cold maiden (oops I hope I haven’t offended her admirers…!)...Would they or would they not???...
Watch this space for updates… :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The days gone by.......

Irony, thy name is life!!!

True, very true! How else can you explain the merrymaking one indulges in to celebrate his/her step towards geezerhood…to put in sweeter terms – birthdays!!

Okay I’m getting a year older tomorrow and here’s what I plan to do…Slog at office like usual till say 7 ,with occasional interruptions of my cell buzz(or so I’d like to believe)…and then have dinner with my select set of friends…and ….that’s it I guess!!

Gone are the days when I would excitedly wake up on 24th of Nov to find a “surprise” pack that my parents would leave at my bedside…That was one surprise I could trade the world for!!!Best of clothes, accessories and everything I wanted…sometimes all would be matched in colour(I actually had a fetish for that)…the “surprise” had it all….Then Dad would pack chocolates to be distributed in school,a respite from uniform and then an evening of friends and uncles and aunties around with loads of gifts and awesome meal with all my favourite dishes….That was what my birthday meant for me…..How I miss those days…

And then came the days of adventurous birthdays....the day just got better with every passing year at the hostel…first year was more of a somber midnight celebration with practically unknown faces clapping and hogging on MY birthday cake…soon followed by the crazy days to come…I still claim my best birthday was the one during my final year in college when my friends “surprised” me during a late night walk at the meadows where I was made to cut my cake….One helluva birthday that was….

Now my dear darling parents and most of those crazy friends are physically away from me…and the ones who’re here won’t be here again…Things are not the same….but then they never are….Every birthday has been unique and as long as they’re happy dare I complain!!!??? Noibo Noibo cho(that’s a Bong touch to my birthday;))…

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


There’s a lot more to life than meets the eye..and probably its realisation time for me…Of late a lot of things have been happening around me which could categorically be termed as bizarre or to say the least unpleasant!!

Good things ,as they say,happen to good people…But the not-so-nice things which have happened in the recent past have affected “good people” the most! I do tend to question my firm belief on the “karma” concept…..What is it that rules one’s life? When does one get a reward for being true to one’s conscience?

A friend of mine had once said…”I’ll pray that your wish comes true if it is good for you”…probably that is the essence of life…things that are good for oneself in the long run happen…but the intermediate period of pain is what hurts the most…

These are random thoughts that have been haunting me of late…. Contemplation on this confuses me…and I’m quite sure, bores the reader!!!I apologize for that…But one cannot really write happy observations when such things happen…

I hope I get back to my happy self soon….but then that would require some positive things happening around….Lets see :)