Friday, November 28, 2008

Trains , travel and terror!

Train journeys always fascinate me....the motion,the food,the view,the smell - almost everything about Samuel Homfray's invention attracts me...

I am back after a short holiday and travelled by train after almost an aeon!But I absolutely love the feeling - especially the middle berth, the "jhal muri"(for those whose taste buds have been deprived of this ethereal pleasure, this is THE snack for you),the moving scenery(alright I know my science right,but then this is poetic license),the curves it takes so that you can see the engine ---- its all in good taste!

There was experience of all kinds this time round....there was this one vendor who, perhaps is the biggest miser I've ever seen....fighting for every bit of peanut(literally!)...and there was this one railway guy who got us good food on request, simply because he agreed with our complaint on the food being tasteless...Yeah!this trip was a fulfilling one...the Big fat Indian wedding celebrations smeared with yours' truly turning a year older...a nice week I'd say!

But I'm upset today...after the attacks that rocked Mumbai, India's business capital - I fail to understand how anyone could derive pleasure out of killing innocent people who've neither caused them any harm nor done any wrong to deserve a death as painful as this...There have been attacks all over the country in the recent past - Jaipur, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Bangalore....the list is frightening.........

I fear this is the beginning of dark times -- the dark times J K Rowling so vividly painted with Potter is finally haunting the Muggle world...But whatever it may be, it shakes my trust in mankind! I like to believe I'm a philanthropist....but incidents like these perturbs my morale, my very being...

We really need to do something...what?I'd perhaps never know...I do not know why, how and when innocent minds think the way it is...for that matter I never understand why we have wars....I've said that umpteen times in my blog and otherwise....But this kind of killing needs to be stopped!!

May God bless those who've lost anything or anyone over these absolutely baseless issue...May God rest the souls of all deceased for no fault of theirs...May good sense prevail among all who believe killing and terror can solve any issue! Amen!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dreams and Ruminations Inc.

When you don’t blog regularly for a long time, you often tend to run short of topics to blog on when you resume. Perhaps that’s what happened to me these days….But today I decided, I shall blog on whatever my mind’s occupied with this very moment.

I got up this morning with a headache (caused by a disgusting nightmare)! May be I should blog about nightmares….or better still about dreams…I fail to understand why we dream…Researches say its our chain of thoughts in the subconscious minds which erupt as dreams…Parapsychologists claim its our future/past that manifests into reality in the dreams….I frankly have never analyzed them….but just that these thoughts usually stay with me the entire day and keep haunting me(Oh yes the good ones too!)…
So may be my blog friends could elaborate on these bizarre things….that they call DREAMs!

Another thing that caught my mind this morning was a picture on the front page of the newspaper…It bore profile pictures of the two most talked about men of the moment – Mr McCain and Mr Obama….But what I was most intrigued by was a teardrop rolling down Obama’s cheek…..for his personal loss!

This I thought was unfair – bringing someone’s personal moments before public eye! Whatever a person’s celebrity status is, he deserves some amount of privacy .The man has lost someone dear….why should that be brought to public notice? For publicity? For sympathy or for defamation? Definitely not fair….But that’s not how everyone thinks I guess….perhaps that’s why the media’s shrieking about every possible pro and con – private or public to get to where it matters!

I am going to sign off for the time being and get back to work! But you readers…give this a thought! Adios!