Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life's like that!

A friend suggested that I post something about hard-yearned monsoons on my blog.That kinda made me realise the truth in this axiom I had heard long back ( I might not be accurate when I quote it)

"Thank God there's "the" weather...otherwise at least 70% people in the world would not have anything to talk about"

Very true - I'd say! How many times have you met a stranger and not known how to start a conversation or met a long lost friend only to realise weather's the only common topic apt for the moment? I am usually a comfortable conversationalist - with people I rarely know and people who're close to me alike.But then I wouldn't deny the wonders "weather" has done for starters!

Now that I have "started" the post with this weather talk - let me pen down my current chain of thoughts! I have been wondering on futility of showbiz , on age and on women's obsession with shopping! Reasons? Well,here goes.....

I am still not out of the shock of MJ's demise - with so many rumours about his life and death.....I still hope that someday he moonwalks before the public eyeto reveal a publicity "stunt"! I know I'm being a fool - but who cares!What is the use of being so famous , the greatest showman and yet have such a meaningless and hollow existence?

I was out with family last weekend and met quite a few people after several years! I was amazed at how they have changed - lookwise ! Realised that age doesn't spare anyone - no wonder everyone yearns for the "Philosopher's stone".

Shopping!!!! Any number of exclamation marks would fall short of how amazed I am.I confess I am unlike most women in this respect.I hate the rush and the claustrophobia of shopping.My friend pulled me to this "Sale" yesterday and I tell you - I have never been so irritated. Trial rooms were a comfortable waiting time of half hour!How much do people buy and in such poor times!
Oh and remarkable observation here - the men's trial rooms were empty as ever! Hence proved!

Well that's all for tonite. I should hopefully be back with more ideas and their fertile manifestations sooner than I got back this time :)

Till then - ADIOS!


Samuel said...

Agreed, weather is a conversation starter. It is more so to find out if the weather is agreeable to one's constitution or not. For eg. Did u enjoy dancing in the rain? :D

Indrajit said...

Hmm, rightly written. Good post as usual :)

btw blog updated.

Anonymous said...

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Smi said...

What? You don't like shopping?!! How, just how is that humanly possible? Retail therapy wasn't a term coined for nothing, was it?!
Anyway, your observation about the "weather" being the ice breaker is so darn right, what would we do without it huh?:)