Friday, July 03, 2009


I have been feeling very sad of late....and for a cause that's mourned millions of people over the world.....

Death has never felt so bitter....for someone I've never met...for someone who didn't even know I existed...

I watched his recorded interviews,heard his songs many many times over...since June25th...the minimum I can do for a the true essence of the word!I don't care what the allegations or rumours were...that seriously is none of my concern(or of most people who spread them)...but I sincerely salute his musical genius!

There never was any star of this magnitude...which even the cynics least posthumously!

There would be no one to "Rock with" us anymore,no one to "Beat it!".....and yet I'm going to go by his once-so-famous lyrics...."Don't stop till you get enough"!



Indrajit said...

Hmm, it's always great to be back after a long hiatus. Just that it con incided with the loss of a genius.

Tc and thanks for checking my post.


DreamCatcher said...

so happy that u r back priyanka :D now please dont stop